Friday, 18 October 2019

October! I'm Painting! Seriously!

Hello Everyone!

So I'm back with another update.  I probably should have done it sooner but I have been inordinately busy and haven't had much of a chance...until now!

So the new Free Cities book is out and I WILL be making an army, but before I do I want to be sure I have my proper groove on.  So lets take a look at some more minis I painted recently to get back in the swing of things!

Three PC's for my most recent D&D campaign and a Reaper Bones Griffon!  I am really happy with how the griffon came out.  I was able to practice some wash and drybrush techniques on him.  The Character minis I'm less fond of.

I certainly like the Nolzur D&D mini line.  However they are 28mm but not Heroic, so the features are more proportional and smaller.  I'm not so good a painter that I can pick them off without messing up the whole model.  The face on the sorcerer is hard to see and the same with the Tiefling.

I mean both are fine when playing in a dimly lit room playing D&D.  Bah!  I will just have to practice more.

So next up!  Cities of Sigmar!


Thursday, 3 October 2019

October! Lets get Spooky!

Hello once again all!

So, again, not much to report as I spent most of the last month running around Azeroth.  However I have decided to get back in the swing of things as I do want to hit 100 models painted for the year.

Now with that said lets take a look at the one mini I managed to paint last month:

A Reaper Bones Roper!  I planned on painting him up for a D&D campaign encounter.  But my players managed to get to him and kill him before I managed to finish painting now he shall wait on my shelf until they encounter ANOTHER Roper.

So that takes my painted mini total to 85!  I'm SO close to getting to 100.  Now I just have to focus on finishing up 3 more Player Character D&D minis all the while working on another project...

Cities of Sigmar comes out this Saturday and I plan on getting it ASAP.  In the mean time I am working on building a Cities army...although I don't know what I want to put in it yet.  I have a pile of minis I can use, but I still can't finalize it all until I get the book.

Until then all!


Thursday, 12 September 2019

September! Get ready to Naruto run to Victory

Hello Everyone!

Well its been one month (almost) since my last update and I gotta say...I have painted exactly ZERO models!

So my current mini count stays the same for now.  I have been mostly pre-occupied with journeying through Azeroth in Classic WoW.  So my actual hobby time is taken up running from Centaurs in the Barrens.

I did however manage to get at least one thing done in the last 30 days so I guess I'll show that off.

Completed bases for my Stormcast!  So I finally have a 1000pt list for my Stormcast as well as 99% of the minis I need to complete it.  I am just missing one character model, but he can wait.  My main goal right now to to complete building what I have, base it and get ready to play!

So, small update today.  More in the future!

Until then!


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

August Here! Late Update Incoming...

Hello Everyone!

Okay, wow.  Almost half the month gone and no update!  I mean I know it's the summer and I tend to get lazy but that is bad given my recent record of updating this blog this year.

Now I will admit I have not really painted all that much this last month.  Mostly just grabbing stuff half-painted on my desk and finishing it up.  So with that in mind lets take a look at what I managed to do for the month of July!

Three Cannon crew, a Swordsman and an Orc Bully!  The Cannon itself I painted...jeez years ago.  I have it somewhere on my blog but the crew have been sitting there waiting to be finished....and here they are!

Now these Empire troops all come from my old Empire army I started way back in 6th edition. In fact these minis were painted already.  As I got better at painting I realized my old stuff was...well terrible.  So I've decided to create a new 1000pt army list and re-paint/complete my Empire army fully.  So to start these crew and the lone Swordsman are my first step toward that.

Now, with that said, my Empire troops will need an opponent.  So I guess I'll have to get 1000pts of Orcs and Goblins done too.  I've had that Bully based and waiting on my desk for awhile as well so I practiced my Orc paint scheme on it and it came out good too!

These minis, along with the terrain I built earlier this month means  I have painted 7 more model for a total of 84 minis for the year 2019!

Now, with the weather still nice I'm not sure how much I will get done this month...but I'm prepping

Oh I am prepping indeed!

Till next time!


Monday, 22 July 2019

July! Doing more Terrain!

Hello Everyone!

So I'm back and ready to talk about what I've been working on!  So it's been, really hot.  So I've been both outside and unable to base coat anything new due to real...and I mean REAL bad humidity!  So I had some other stuff sitting around that I was able to finish.

So without further ado!

So scratch built house is done.  for a first attempt at something like this (okay...maybe second attempt).  I like how it came out.  I feel I need to work on stonework as I clearly did not manage to get it to "pop" as much as I would of liked.  But I'm still very happy with the results.  Now I do need to test it on Polystyrene next.

Now for something slightly more...expensive.

One Ophidian Archway!  I bought this about a month ago and I figured I had better at least try to paint what I buy asap so I don't continue to add to the pile.  So one archway done!  I have a bunch of other terrain piling up that I want to get through that I will probably work on next.

Stay tuned!


Monday, 15 July 2019

July! WIP and other stuff too!

Hello all!

So I haven't really gotten around to paint all that much, but I have gotten to work on my favorite summer past time..Terrain!

So my main goal is to build a tiny town square worth of buildings.  I already have one ruined building in my collection, but I also want a building I can use for D&D to make a village square.  So using basic techniques taken from a bunch of random Youtube videos, I got to work.

So using foam-core, cardboard, balsa wood and white glue I got to work.  Slowly over the course of a few weeks I put together this small town house.

It's amazing what you can do with a little white glue and junk you find in your local recycling bin and a few dollar store items.  So now I have to seal it with Modge Podge and get to painting!

Wish me luck!


Saturday, 6 July 2019

July is Here! What shall I paint...

Hello everyone!

Well June came and went and I didn't really paint all that much.  Once the weather starts getting nice, hanging out in my humid apartment isn't all that enjoyable.  I did manage to get some painting done over the course of the month as it did rain a few days.

So let us see what I finished off my paint table!

The last two miniatures i needed to paint for my mini D&D campaign.  A Tiefling Rogue (Which is being used as a Tiefling Ranger)  and a Half-Orc Barbarian.  I do like these Nolzur mini's but I do have 2 criticisms of them.

1.  They have terrible mold lines
2.  They have a lot of tiny detail

The two problems sort of compound each other.  The mold lines cover the detail and removing them could damage the detail.  They are difficult to deal with but, overall, for 6 dollar miniatures I can't really complain too much.

With that said and done my adventuring party went from this

To this!

So with these done, and not counting terrain, I only painted 3 minis all last month for a grand yearly total of 77 miniatures!  Not too shabby so far.

So with that said it's time to move on to other summer projects which are in various states of done right now.  I'll hopefully have an update on that soon.  For now lets see what I have on my desk right now.

This right here is the third model I ever bought/painted.  He's been my Empire armt wizard since I started gaming back in 2004.  I would say I did an okay job with him but through the years he has become chipped and damaged.  I figured, as I use his mounted version in AoS, I'd strip him and repaint him for AoS as well.

We'll see when I can get around to doing that!