Friday, 11 June 2021

June is Time of Rest

Hello once again!  

June has come and so has my summer halt.  I managed to get a ton done the first part of the year., but now it time to focus on the outdoors.  So for now lets take a look at the last stuff I managed to paint.

One Magister for my Tzeentch Chaos Warriors.  He was really easy to paint, although I do see some blotchy paint on it and I may have to go back with a few more layers to thin it all out.  But for now he's done!

Next up something I painted quick and dirty

Rat Swarms!  More to add to my D&D pile.  So adding these all together I only managed 6 this month.  For a grand yearly total of 96!  Almost my whole total from last year!

So now that summer is here I'll probably be on a hiatus...maybe one or two minis.  

Until next time!


Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Summer is coming...

Hello once again everyone!

So May has been a slow month.  I have been super busy not really wanting to paint much...but I still got it done!  Sat down this weekend and finally finished something on my desk.  So without further ado....

Three Ogre Bulls!  Adding them to my Empire army as Dogs of War, but wanted to change up the province they are from.  Mostly because I have been painting Averland since I started gaming and wanted to have a force with some variety for my Aver River Guard.

With that done only 3 so far this month.  But thats okay!  As I still have a pile to finish up.

Just this pile left to go in this batch!  Before I build a new pile of stuff....which I kind of already doing *Evil Grin*

Until next time!


Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Revenge of the 5th

Hello and happy May all!

So another month has come and gone and more painting has been done!  Lets take a quick look at what I managed to finish off this last month.

5 Wolf Riders!!!  I mean technically it's 4 Wolf Riders and One Goblin Big Boss but whos counting?  Honestly it feels more like I painted 10 models as I did the wolves and the riders separately.  However we'll count them as complete models since I can't really field them separately.

So with these guys done my total for the month of April comes too 21 models!  Not too shabby!  I'm already way ahead of my total from last year. and I'm inching closer to 100 and the year is not even half way done!

Lets see what's left on the table...

Still have this in my pile waiting to go.  Hopefully I can get it all done this month before I begin prepping my OTHER paint pile.

Till then!


Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Months End in Sight....Its Also Gotten Cold Again...

Hello all!

I'm back again continuing my paint cleaning journey.  So my desk pile is getting smaller and smaller although today I only managed one model all last week.  I had been dreading painting him for so long but after finishing him I wondered what I really feared.

So here he is!

One Pistolier Champion.  Technically an Outrider leading his young nobles to battle.  He came out well although I was worried more about the horse then him.  I generally hate painting horses but he came out good.

So only one this week, but my pile shrinks!

What's next?  We'll see!


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

April Painting Session Continues

Hello once again all!

So I'm back once more with more to show off.  Didn't really get a much done as I had intended mostly as I have been trying to remember my colour scheme for my latest batch of work.  So I tried a few things until I finally remembered how to do it!  SO without further ado...

5 Averland Handgunners!  I have sooo many Handgunners, and only about 20 painted.  These are the first gunners I've painted since I started playing Warhammer back in 2004.  I've come a long way since then....although I will have to go back and touch up my old models, a quick highlight and a wash should be enough.

So with those done I can focus on the rest of my current pile!

Slowly working through them, Outrider and wolves up next.

Stay Tuned!


Friday, 16 April 2021

Continued Adventures in Terrain!

Hello All!

Okay, I just realized that my last post that I actually finished 3 weeks ago wasn't published...because I forgot.

So I guess were getting more posts!  So here's the last stuff I finished and an update from my painting from last month.

10 more Azyrite Ruins!  Another bunch to add to my collection of Age of Sigmar terrain.  I forgot how annoying my colour scheme was to paint.  However with this box down I can get the scatter terrain box and on of the Sigmar dais as well.  That's for later to focus on my pile.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done.  This is the first group I want to pound out.  Hopefully I can get it done post haste!

Now for my monthly rundown.  Counting all the models I did last month I managed to complete 21 models!  I have a good monthly total so far.  As for my Yearly total, 69 models! (Nice)

I'm actually making good progress but I feel I need to focus more.  So after this pile I'm picking a project and focus firing on it....for awhile at least.

Stay Tuned!


Monday, 12 April 2021

Adventures in Terrain!

Hello once again!

So continuing what I started earlier this month I decided I need to eliminate some boxes I have taking up space on my floor....all over my floor in fact.  So continuing that lets take a look at another batch of terrain minis I managed to bang out!

Mantic Blacksmith set complete!  As well as doors of Moria and a random sign that was part of the GW Fence set I bought ages ago.  Also a random Bones treasure chest.  All get throw into my terrain box for later use!

With this box set finally done I can move on to another one...

One box of Azyrite Ruins!  I already finished the ruins set that came with my Blasted Hallowheart box.  So I already have a colour scheme.  My plan is to get a box of each of the cityscape.  After this one I'll need the Townscape or perhaps the Bell ruins that came with Warcry...maybe even the scatter terrain!

Anyway I washed and filed off the mold lines.  Now to assemble and base coat!

Stay Tuned!