Sunday, 26 June 2016

Hobby Update! Preparing Battle Report

Hey Everybody!  It's Battle Report time!

So this is another practice game, Ogre vs Empire but this time it is going to be 2000pts.  I just thought I'd pop in and show you the setup.

So we shall be playing a Classic deployment with the secondary objective of hold your ground.  So lets take a look at the terrain!

So we have two buildings, a hill and a forest as well as two Walls.  Now lets take a look at the forces!

So this is the setup, two armies just waiting to get to the battlefield.  The Grand Army of the Averholme led by my Seasoned General Commodus Leitdorf.  On the other side an Ogre Horde led by Goram Ironjaw the Shaman of the Mountain Breakers.

Stay tuned for more!


Thursday, 2 June 2016

**Summer Update** - The Return of the Shadow Update #3 - D&D

Hello all!

Wow, I haven't updated this blog in awhile...probably because it's now SUMMER!  I honestly don't paint all that much in summer.  Nice weather and all that jazz usually keeps me busy.  HOWEVER!  I do sometimes pound out a mini or two. So from this point going forward (until the weather starts to turn again) I will be pretty much just painting whatever I please with no main project,

Now, that being said...

I decided I would just show you what I've been working on before SUMMER BREAK!  WOO!  I decided to get my Lord of the Rings on.  Now with this particular project I am pretty much sticking to the hobby articles as presented in "The Fellowship of the Ring" source book, this bad boy:

So with that in mind I did a test Uruk-Hai following the painting guide provided in the book.  So here's what my moderately okay painting managed to do:

I think it came out okay myself...if you manage to ignore the large mold line on it which I really should have filed down...oops.  Anyway, the instructions to get this colour scheme are pretty good so I'm going to stick with it to complete all the Uruk-Hai I need to run the Scenarios.  So far I need to buy/paint 12 Uruk-Hai Scouts with Shields, 6 with Bows an Uruk-Hai Captain and Lurtz.  Now I have Lurtz and the bowmen as well as about half the Scouts I need.  Just have to find a decent lot of 6 Metal Scouts and a Captain and I'm set!

Now that I mention that however I should add that I'm trying to put my purchasing to a minimum over the summer.  I do plan on finishing up what I bought already but in the mean time I will probably jump between projects when I update now.

That being said....

Fire Elemental!  One of my Bones minis I finally got around to painting.  Mostly because it's pretty easy to paint really although I will add that, despite me having an Averland Empire army I REALLY hate painting yellow.  I have to do a few touch ups on the tips (they should be blacker)  but I am happy with how it came out and I hope to menace my gaming group with him.

Okay I'm off to paint!