Thursday 2 June 2016

**Summer Update** - The Return of the Shadow Update #3 - D&D

Hello all!

Wow, I haven't updated this blog in awhile...probably because it's now SUMMER!  I honestly don't paint all that much in summer.  Nice weather and all that jazz usually keeps me busy.  HOWEVER!  I do sometimes pound out a mini or two. So from this point going forward (until the weather starts to turn again) I will be pretty much just painting whatever I please with no main project,

Now, that being said...

I decided I would just show you what I've been working on before SUMMER BREAK!  WOO!  I decided to get my Lord of the Rings on.  Now with this particular project I am pretty much sticking to the hobby articles as presented in "The Fellowship of the Ring" source book, this bad boy:

So with that in mind I did a test Uruk-Hai following the painting guide provided in the book.  So here's what my moderately okay painting managed to do:

I think it came out okay myself...if you manage to ignore the large mold line on it which I really should have filed down...oops.  Anyway, the instructions to get this colour scheme are pretty good so I'm going to stick with it to complete all the Uruk-Hai I need to run the Scenarios.  So far I need to buy/paint 12 Uruk-Hai Scouts with Shields, 6 with Bows an Uruk-Hai Captain and Lurtz.  Now I have Lurtz and the bowmen as well as about half the Scouts I need.  Just have to find a decent lot of 6 Metal Scouts and a Captain and I'm set!

Now that I mention that however I should add that I'm trying to put my purchasing to a minimum over the summer.  I do plan on finishing up what I bought already but in the mean time I will probably jump between projects when I update now.

That being said....

Fire Elemental!  One of my Bones minis I finally got around to painting.  Mostly because it's pretty easy to paint really although I will add that, despite me having an Averland Empire army I REALLY hate painting yellow.  I have to do a few touch ups on the tips (they should be blacker)  but I am happy with how it came out and I hope to menace my gaming group with him.

Okay I'm off to paint!


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