Wednesday 27 April 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Additon Completed!

Hello all!

So I have been bust finishing up the Yetis I had bought to add to my Ogre without further ado! 

I like to think they came out okay, fortunately the colour scheme was pretty simply once I figured out how to do the dirty white fur in a way that worked.  All that is really left is to magnetize them to the Skirmish base I made and seal everything with a varnish.

This leads me to what to paint next, now I have an annoying tendency to buy minis for projects I dream up and then proceed to throw them in "the pile" as I haven't finished OTHER projects first.  Well my main plan now it to clear out all the minis I have purchased in the last 5 months regardless of what project they are for

So far I have managed to paint the yetis (as can be seen above) and the one Tomb King I managed to get.  Lets look at the other stuff I have purchased to see what else I need to paint!

Old Metal Dwarf Bolt Thrower

A Gorger!

Uruk Hai Scouts


A bunch of Gnoblar fighter/Gnoblar Trappers

Now in addition to this I also bought another lot of 3 Uruk-Hai Scouts with bows which I already have on the painting table (see previous blog entry...just can't seem to get the picture off of Ebay).  I also have a few things I picked up on the Last Chance to Buy which I plan on painting as well but my main goal now is the above.

Wish me luck!


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