Friday 22 April 2016

Project Report of Unassailable Awesomeness!

Hello all!

Okay so I've been pretty busy over the, almost 2 weeks since I updated.  I've been busy getting stuff together and prepping stuff to get on the painting table.  So here's what I have going on so far.

I've mostly got painted the last of my Yetis, which pretty much just need to finish up and touch up the other two I've already finished (getting the colour scheme that I like has been a bit hit and miss)

In addition I do have some Lord of The Rings minis I plan on showing off but, as can be seen in the above photo, I have 3 Uruk-Hai Scouts as well as Lurtz ready to paint.

That Horse in the corner is a touch up of one of my Empire Army minis.  I hope to re-base him and touch up the rider.

Lastly I have those two spiders for my D&D campaign.  The bases came out okay....but my Greenstuff work needs improvement.  I've been looking into cheap alternatives for making the Stone bases.  So far only Renedra has something I like.  Although I am not sure they are the same size as a GW base....mostly so I can just glue those on the top of one and not have to worry about sculpting anymore.

Anyway I'm off to paint!


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