Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Brief Interlude 2: the Interludining

Hey all!

Soooo yeah I got nothing new to post today for several reasons.  The primary one being a lack of motivation, although I have made progress on the Scraplauncher.  I made the foolish error about 2 weeks ago and saw pretty much all the DLC for the Mass Effect series was 50% off...

I proceeded to get all the stuff I was missing (Lair of the Shadow Broker, Leviathan, Omega etc)  That led me to want to play through the series again and finally get the Insanity Achievements I have been missing.  Needless to saw I took a slight break from painting up the Ogres but I WILL get back to it before the end of the year.  I'm going to finish this damn army even if it kills me.

I've also took the opportunity to play a few games of X-Wing, which I have been enjoying quite a bit while also planning my next project.  I've decided on one of two things.

1. Complete my Empire Army (2250pt list)
2. Painting up some Lord of the Rings Minis
3. Complete a D&D Bones Mini painting challenge

I'm still mulling over what to do but whatever it is I will be sure to share!

Bye for now!


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Brief Interlude

Hello all!

I'm still chugging along on my Scraplauncher.  Still hating it like the fire fires of a thousand hells...

Despite this however I though I'd show you something else I completed painting inbetween all the Ogre painting and such

Another piece of wargaming terrain and a good, old fashioned Bones River Troll!  I'm still not totally sold on the colour scheme.  It is a little too dark for me but I consider it a test run for the ACTUAL old GW metal River Trolls I have lying around for my Orc and Goblin Army. (Which I plan on getting too!)

So for now here we are!  I'm slowly getting the base completed for the Scrraplauncher to be followed up by the Rhinox itself and I hope to have them done before the weekend (Thank god those two are pretty straight forward with their colour scheme).

Till then!  Ciao!


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 8

Hello all!

Okay so I've been away for awhile....mostly not getting stuff done.  That is, of course, because this Scraplauncher is HELL!!!!

So It's MOSTLY together but in the act of putting those damn chain on I snapped fuck it!  No flimsy metal chains on this model.  Its not completely glued together but it is pinned.  All I need to do is spray it, paint it and put the parts together.



Monday, 26 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 7

Hello once again!

Okay so I really crammed in a rather large painting session over the weekend and manage to get stuff finished as well as start on the next part of my project!

So first off, meet the Sabertusks!

So here we have 3 Sabertusks and, the one and only Cringer!  The plan with the army is to have two single ones to hunt Warmachines and the unit of two to go in on fast cavalry.  Most likely they will get shot at, take a casualty and flee due to their low leadership.

But oh well!

Lastly....let us gaze on the horror I have inflicted upon myself....

Oh god!  So much pinning....I've put together two Dark Elf Hydras!  I should be prepared for this!  *SOB*


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 6

Hello all!

Slow week, but I did manage to complete some models and nail down a colour scheme for my Sabertusks.  I just thought I'd share what I've managed to finish so far.

So here we have one Sabertusk and a piece of Terrain along with one Bone miniature.  I have another 3 Sabretusks to paint and now that I have a colour scheme I hope to have them done soon.  That way I can move on to the dreaded Scraplauncher!

Bye for now!


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 5

Hello all!

Okay so this week has been stupid....stupid life and reality and stuff....

Anyway I did manage to get the Sabertusks assembled and based, I'll be spraying them soon and coming up with a colour scheme for them as well.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them exactly but I do know one of them will be pained up to look like Cringer from He-Man.

Why you may ask?  WHY NOT!?.....also a friend of mine who basically helped build the list for me and come up with the names of all the characters in the army asked to do that and I thought "Meh, It'll break the monotony.

So there it is!  a rare glimpse of my paint station (also know as my kitchen table....that I never eat at only game and paint on).  I'm really excited to have gotten this far as I am so close to completing this project I started 3 years ago.  So far all that is left to Assemble/paint are the following:

1 Ogre Tyrant
1 Ogre Bruiser/Battle Standard Bearer
2 Ogre Ironguts
1 Ogre Leadbelcher
4 Sabertusks
1 Gnoblar Scraplauncher

I'm so close!  Wish me Luck!


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde! Update 4

Hey all!

So here it is!  Completion of the last Ogres I had lying around on my desk just waiting to be painted.

As you can see I mixed in an older Marauder Ogre to my leadbelcher unit...I don't want to talk about how much this particular model cost.  Although any serious Out of Production collector can probably give you an estimate that would make you wonder why I didn't just buy new to begin with!

This whole project is less about playability and more about just putting together an army with what I want in it.  So this ends this portion of my Ogre army for now.  I still have one more Leadbelcher to complete this unit that is going to take a bit more conversion work before I can paint it up.  In addition I have two Ironguts I have to prepare before I can get those on the field as well.

Next up however!  Sabertusks!  two single ones and a unit of two.  The long, slow painting war continues...

P.S. man I realized that the colour coding on my last post messed up my formatting.  I think I'll stick with straight typing and avoid any colourful editing in the future.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde! Update 3: What are you planning on painting anyway?

Hello all!

It's come to my attention that although I decided to write this blog in order to motivate me to finish my Ogre Army, I never really told you what I planned on painting!  So I figured I'd share my Army list and show off what I have done and what is left to be painted.

In addition to that I though I'd show off what I have already painted with what is left in a handy dandy, colour coded paint list.

Red = Not Completed/Not Assembled
Yellow + Work in Progress
Green = Completed 

Okay!  Let's get started!

The Mountain Eater Tribe

Lords and Heroes

Ogre Tyrant
Ogre Bruiser /w Battle Standard
Ogre Butcher  

Core Units
 Ogre Bulls x 16
        - Extra Hand Weapon
        - Full Command

Ogre Ironguts x 8
        -Full Command


Special Units

Ogre Leadbelchers x 6

Sabertusks x 4

Rare Units

Ogre Slave Giant

Gnoblar Scraplauncher


And that is my 2250 point list!  I left out Magic items and points as I'm still not sure of the legality of posting those even after the end of the Warhammer world.  That is whats coming however so I hope everyones excited!  (Or maybe just me...who knows!)

I'd also like to share one item that I finally found a decent deal for on Ebay:


One of the most hated Models to construct GW ever created!  I've already put together TWO Old Dark Elf Hydras so I should be prepared!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde! Update 2

Hey all I'm back!

I've actually been pretty busy and I had a update a few days ago but I got delayed while trying to put together a few more minis.  So I decided to hold off until EVERYTHING was done.  So here it is!

Two Leadbelchers, two pieces of fence terrain, and two Bones minis as well as an objective marker barrel that I hope to use one day for Mordheim.

I was testing two possible Cobblestone base techniques with these minis.  The Ankheg was based using plasticard cut up and glued to the base.  The barrel was done using greenstuff and sculpting.  I'm still on the fence on which I like better which means I'm going to have to do a few more test models.  I'll be sure to post them when I'm done.  Bye for now!  More Ogres to come!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Progress so far...

Hello all!

I'd thought I'd show you some stuff I'd been working on, so here it is!

I managed to finish painting one of my Leadbelchers, a piece of terrain and a Skeleton Warrior from the Bones Kickstarter.  I decided to interject random mini in while I paint my Ogres in order to break up the monotony.  

So one Ogre down, 6 more to complete the unit!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Operation: Against the Ogre Horde!

Hello all!

Okay so I've started working on my Ogre army.  I had started building it about 3 years ago partially as joke.  I had a bunch of old metal Ogres from the 90's (and I think some 80's) that I had initially planned on using for a Dogs of War Mercenary army.  However Games Workshop completely canned Dogs of War (Boooo) and I was left with a bunch of models and no army I could use them for.

That being said I also had most of a box of Ogre Bulls I had bought to use as unit fillers in my Empire Army (as can be seen below)

 photo 100_0047.jpg

So with a unit of old metal Golgfags Maneaters and a few others lying around I decided to add some of the other Plastic Ogres to the pile...this build up slowly took shape and eventually lead to an army idea of mixing older Metal Ogres with newer plastic to make a somewhat unique Ogre army.  My Goal now is to finish this army by the end of the year.  It's been awhile since I've had a completely painted army and I want this project to be my top priority!

First Goal: Complete Ogre Leadbelchers

This is my main goal, complete this unit of Leadbelchers!  Now you'll notice I'm missing one, that's because I'm still looking for just the right bit to complete this unit (and, as you can imagine, that Helblaster is part of it).

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!

What;s the point of all this?  Well my main reason for starting this blog is to help motivate me to get all the stuff I have lying around painted.  The main goal is to complete my main armies

  1. Ogre Kingdoms
  2. Empire
  3. Bones Miniatures
The Ogre and Empire are the two main goals at completing at the moment.  As for the Bones miniatures, many of them are mostly for my D&D campaign that I hope to get going in the next few months.

Another goal of this blog is to help my painting skills.  To try new techniques and to paint all the things that have intimidated me up to this point.  Hopefully I'll be able to stick with this longer then I have other plogs and painting challenges....wish me luck!