Wednesday 11 November 2015

A Brief Interlude

Hello all!

I'm still chugging along on my Scraplauncher.  Still hating it like the fire fires of a thousand hells...

Despite this however I though I'd show you something else I completed painting inbetween all the Ogre painting and such

Another piece of wargaming terrain and a good, old fashioned Bones River Troll!  I'm still not totally sold on the colour scheme.  It is a little too dark for me but I consider it a test run for the ACTUAL old GW metal River Trolls I have lying around for my Orc and Goblin Army. (Which I plan on getting too!)

So for now here we are!  I'm slowly getting the base completed for the Scrraplauncher to be followed up by the Rhinox itself and I hope to have them done before the weekend (Thank god those two are pretty straight forward with their colour scheme).

Till then!  Ciao!


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