Sunday 11 October 2015

Against the Ogre Horde! Update 4

Hey all!

So here it is!  Completion of the last Ogres I had lying around on my desk just waiting to be painted.

As you can see I mixed in an older Marauder Ogre to my leadbelcher unit...I don't want to talk about how much this particular model cost.  Although any serious Out of Production collector can probably give you an estimate that would make you wonder why I didn't just buy new to begin with!

This whole project is less about playability and more about just putting together an army with what I want in it.  So this ends this portion of my Ogre army for now.  I still have one more Leadbelcher to complete this unit that is going to take a bit more conversion work before I can paint it up.  In addition I have two Ironguts I have to prepare before I can get those on the field as well.

Next up however!  Sabertusks!  two single ones and a unit of two.  The long, slow painting war continues...

P.S. man I realized that the colour coding on my last post messed up my formatting.  I think I'll stick with straight typing and avoid any colourful editing in the future.

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