Monday 18 January 2016

New Year, New Projects!

Hello all!

Well I'm back from an (Almost) two month hiatus.  New year and new projects to get working on!  So with the new year I have returned to the seat of Dungeon Master and, as a result, a lot of what I will be painting will be for the campaign I am running.  HOWEVER I WILL finish my Ogres, that is just a fact.  Over the holiday I got the last pieces I need and besides a few hobby needs I have no excuse to hold up the project any longer.

So without further ado....

A few things I'm working to put together and get base coated for a painting spree this weekend.  The front rank of my Ironguts finally have a Unit Champion and Musician (almost) ready to go!  I have to seal in the rocks on the Champion base and the Musician needs a few more bits and a base as well.

Now I WAS working on my Scraplauncher and I plan on finishing that next.  I just wanted to ease my way into painting with something that will not cause me to pull my hair out.

As for D&D, well, the main items I'm working on are that troll that can be seen there as well as a character model for one of my players.  So those are in the pipeline too.

Stay tuned for more! I mean it this time!


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