Monday 8 March 2021

Little Late for an Update this far in March...

Hello once again all!

So February came and went and so did the painting I had planned to get done...and by that I mean not much.  February was very much a "rest" month.  I did manage to get a decent amount done however.  Specifically ending with these boys.

5 More Conan Mummies!  With these guys done I finished the last batch of Mummies for my Conan board game,  Still have a bunch to finish in the box, but at least I'm making progress.  Next up is 15 Skeletons but they will have to wait.

So my total for February comes to 23.  Honestly?  Not too bad considering.  Now I decided I'm going to focus on Terrain.  I have a bunch I want done and off my table so that's where March is taking me.

Stay Tuned!


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