Wednesday 5 May 2021

Revenge of the 5th

Hello and happy May all!

So another month has come and gone and more painting has been done!  Lets take a quick look at what I managed to finish off this last month.

5 Wolf Riders!!!  I mean technically it's 4 Wolf Riders and One Goblin Big Boss but whos counting?  Honestly it feels more like I painted 10 models as I did the wolves and the riders separately.  However we'll count them as complete models since I can't really field them separately.

So with these guys done my total for the month of April comes too 21 models!  Not too shabby!  I'm already way ahead of my total from last year. and I'm inching closer to 100 and the year is not even half way done!

Lets see what's left on the table...

Still have this in my pile waiting to go.  Hopefully I can get it all done this month before I begin prepping my OTHER paint pile.

Till then!


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