Saturday 10 December 2016

Cleaning Off the Paint Table: SNOOOOW!!!!

Hello all!

Well snows finally here (for where I am living at any rate). As a result I have had plenty of excuses to not go outside, and plenty of reasons to paint!  So to continue my "Get this crap off my paint table" extravaganza I give you more Age of Sigmar!

So I finished painting up some units for AoS.  The first are the Tomb King horse archers and the rest are Ogres for my Gutbuster force.  I know what your thinking, more Ogres?!?  and the answer to that is yes...always yes.

I managed to get a few from Ebay and putting together 1000pts of ogres for Age of Sigmar is cheap and easy.  Especially since I had a few Ogres left over from my 9th Age Ogre force.  I hope to get the unit of 6 done soon.  In the mean time lets see what else I have on my plate.

Next up!  Dunedain!  I have these three based and partially painted, just need to get them finished up (hopefully this weekend).  In addition I am continuing to get my Conan Kickstarter ready for a painting Extravaganza!

Got to let the glue dry and then I can get to base coating them...probably will need to buy more spray paint.

Until later,


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