Sunday 5 February 2017

Ogres of the Averholme: January Complete!

Hello Everyone!

So I'm back with a quick update on what I've been working on.  As I mentioned in my last post I want to get some AoS models painted up and ready to play with!  So here they are:

So my model count for the month of January is....four. One of which is just a token for D&D mostly. I have two old, OOP metal models in the mix.  An old Ogre and that I will be using as a Gutbuster champion/Random Ogre encounter in D&D.  The other is the old Blood Bowl Morg N'Thorg mini that I bought to fill out whatever Ogre unit I needed him for.  In this case, my Gutbusters!  The bonus being that I can use him for Blood Bowl too, should I ever get around to getting the new set.

Here's the completed Age of Sigmar unit:

One unit down!  I have 6 Ironguts, 3 Leadbelchers and a Tyrant left to purchase and paint.  Now part of the reason I'm painting these minis is for utility.  I want to use them in as many games as possible. So with that in mind...

A movement try!  I got it painted up and magnetized as well.  The whole thing came out great!  The surface area takes up about as much space as my 3x3 movement try I use for my 9th Age Ogres. Because of that I can use these guys for AoS, 9th Age, Kings of War...anything!

Well now that January is done I need a painting goal for February.  So far my goal is "Paint more then January" wish me luck!

- Commodus

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