Thursday 2 July 2020

July is Here! What did I paint?

Hello once again all!

So the summer is here, along with my standard slowdown of updates.  I did paint some stuff however!  So lets take a look at what I managed to finish this month.

Two Lord of the Rings statue terrain pieces!  Just some scatter terrain to add to my pile of terrain.

Azyrite scatter terrain!  These came in the Blaster Hallowheart set I showed off last time.  I finally finished these up.  I'm not super sure of the colour scheme but I wanted something different so I went for it!  I have another Azyrite ruins set I want to add so now that I committed to thise scheme....oh well!

So that's 8 pieces in total this month for a yearly total too 59!  Not too shabby I guess but well see how this month goes!

Till then!


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