Sunday 20 September 2020

September Blues

 Hello one and all!

So while I have been occupied with a pretty intense Warhammer Total War campaign I have ALSO put paint to model and started working on my current to do pile.  So to start off!

So remember back in...oh I believe it was January, that I wanted to repaint some of my old Empire models?  Well this bad boy was one of the first I ever painted.  As can be seen it pretty standard for a first model.  So after paint stripping and coming up with a somewhat never paint scheme...

Cleaned up much more with some highlighting and better basing!  Granted its not much but it blends in with my updated army paint scheme much better then before.  And I also have a Mounted captain I can use for a little Warhammer skirmish!

So thats 1 model down this month with another on the way

Stay tuned!


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