Monday 7 September 2020

August continues to August until it Septembers!

Hello once again all!

Not much painting getting done, yet again.  But I still haven't been idle despite what my lack of updates says.  So let's see what I got done!

I've had a Nurgle Hordes of Chaos army I've had half done sitting in a box since 6th edition.  So I decided to just...put it all together.  So with that said...

The whole plan with the army is for everything in it will be metal.  All OOP minis of which I already have a bunch!  So most of the hard stuff is done.  My plan now is to get these units completed.  I still have to finish the movement trays and magnetize everything but for now they are ready to prime.

Okay so now to begin my plan on cleaning up my paint table.  I have a pile of primed minis I want to get done.  But I also have a pile of half painted minis I want to finish first

Here they are in their half painted glory!  Hopefully I'll get it all done stay tuned!


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