Sunday 14 February 2021

Valentines Day Painting!

Hello all!

Happy Valentines day!  Been awhile since I updated as it has been slow going as I paint.  However I duid get some stuff done, so lets take a look.

One Cannon crew, stripped and repainted to fit my newly revitalized Empire army.  They've been sitting around for awhile but now are done!

Next up another repaint

10 Mercenary Averland crossbowmen.  Not fully stripped of paint but repainted to enhance the colour as well as rebase them and I also made a movement tray.  Adding these guys to my Empire army so I can have a proper force to fight my Orcs.

So in total 13 models painted!  A good show if I do say so myself.  Now I have other stuff on my pile to paint but while that is happening, I have to prepare more models for my army.

5 more models to strip! Stay Tuned!


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