Friday 11 June 2021

June is Time of Rest

Hello once again!  

June has come and so has my summer halt.  I managed to get a ton done the first part of the year., but now it time to focus on the outdoors.  So for now lets take a look at the last stuff I managed to paint.

One Magister for my Tzeentch Chaos Warriors.  He was really easy to paint, although I do see some blotchy paint on it and I may have to go back with a few more layers to thin it all out.  But for now he's done!

Next up something I painted quick and dirty

Rat Swarms!  More to add to my D&D pile.  So adding these all together I only managed 6 this month.  For a grand yearly total of 96!  Almost my whole total from last year!

So now that summer is here I'll probably be on a hiatus...maybe one or two minis.  

Until next time!


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