Thursday 16 September 2021

Summer Is coming to a close...

Hello once again all!

I am back and ready to get my paint on!  I have a brand new pile of based minis to paint as well as a bunch of refresh projects I wanna get done.  So far this year my paint total has been stellar!  But there are a few other projects I wanna finish before I get to them...

I have been holding back on completing this Balrog for a long....LONG time.  Now I plan on getting it done.  Got to glue it together and  then Green stuff the gaps (of which there are a LOT).  IN addition I have to do one thing I am dreading...

The wing tip here is missing.  Its just how I got the mini when it was bought (for pretty cheap btw).  SO I'll have to do something I hate...sculpting with greenstuff.  Luckily this should be relatively easy to do...maybe.  We shall see how this all plays out!

Until next time!


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