Thursday 16 February 2023

A House by Any other name....

Hello all!

I'm back once again to show off some stuff I managed to paint.  Not very much, in fact technically only one model.  It was pretty big however so I figured I'd go over how I got it painted.

I bought this House at a Comic-con last year and decided to get it all painted up!  First step was to base coat it black and paint all the wood trim with a light brown.

After the trim I proceeded to paint all the Stone a dark grey.  Mostly the floor and chimney.

Next up I painted the roof tiles a light blue to match all the other buildings in my little village I am building.

Next step I gave the whole thing a layer of my homemade Black Wash to darken the colours and give depth to the mini.

I then proceeded to drybrush a very light brown over all the wood to bring out the wood grain.

Next step was to do the same with the stone by using a light grey to make that pop as well.

Then perhaps the longest and most annoying step.  I had to go in and paint the walls a beige colour to show off the plastered walls and cracks.

Once that was done the last steps involved giving the whole thing a light dry brush of beige for the weathering.  As well as painting all the metal bits as well as the window panes.

And there it is!  One House complete!  It came out great and matches all my other houses as well.  Whats next?  Well we shall wait and see!


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