Wednesday 25 January 2023

First Models of the Year!

Hello all!

I'm back in the groove and working on finishing some projects.  First one up is going to be my Orc and Goblin Army.  I am VERY close to getting a solid 1000pts painted and ready.  Only a handful of things left to get that done and ready.

So lets take a look at what I finished!

10 more Orc boys!  Now I know after I finished my big unit of 40 I swore to never paint another Orc...but I decided to split my Unit of 40 into two units of 25.  That meant I needed 10 more and low and behold I found a cheap lot on Ebay and here we are!

Fully based and Magnetized!  So a bit of a slow start to the year buy 10 models done!

So on to my next model!  Stay Tuned!


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