Wednesday 4 January 2023

Happy New Year! Very late recap of my Year-to-Date Progress!

Hello all!'s been quite a year.  I know I haven't really posted anything for months and months.  I have a very good reason for that.  Mostly health related sadly.  While I did manage to get some painting done I never really felt the need to update, but I figured I had best start the year off right!

So for now I'm going to show off everything I did manage to paint in that time so you can all see I wasn't being super lazy!

Starting with stuff I did over the summer

Several more Rats to add to my Warband!  Got many more lying around but Lets put them aside for now and keep trucking on!

Finished up some random Warhammer Fantasy minis I had based but not painted on my desk!  In addition I finished some units!

Completed a few units for my Empire army....but bought a whole bunch more to add!

Also finished a bunch of random models for D&D and AOS!  Could be used in a variety of Skirmish games as well!

Lastly I also managed to complete a handful of terrain as well!

So all and all I did manage to get a bunch done this year...but by my count only around 54 models...Less then half of what I did last year.

HOWEVER, I am still glad I managed what I did and I hope to actually get a few projects done this month and help to recover.

So until I post again!


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