Monday 11 April 2022

Late March update....Because its April

Hello all!

So I'm back and got some stuff to show off!  Honestly?  March was pretty slow and most of what I got painted was....not really finished in March.  I finished it all last week!  Which I had off and I did a lot of painting.

So lets get down to it all!

Five Stormcast Judicators!  I am SO CLOSE to 1000pts.  I just need to get 3 Prosecutors done and the first stage of my Stormcast is complete!

Next up....

One Roper Monster for D&D!  Now I already have one of these...but I picked this guy up back in the summer and just decided to get him off my table ASAP.  So I did...and now here he is ready to eat people in caves!

Finally one last big model...

One 6th Edition Dark Elf Hydra!  I won this model back in 2007 at a GW store event when the 7th Edition Dark Elf Army book was released.  They were getting rid of their old stock i the way GW used to do giving stuff away.  So I got a 60 dollar metal model for Zero Dollars.

Now here he is!  I must say I have nightmares about putting this guy together...but now that he is done (Minus the Beast Masters that is) I can lay my head to rest.

So that's it for now!  Hopefully I'll have more updates soon.


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