Wednesday 14 June 2023

May Showers Lead to More Painting....

Hello once again all!

I'm back once more with more painting done.  Its been a bit since an update but I have actually gotten a fair amount done.  So lets take a look at some of the stuff I managed to finish!

More Gnolls for my Warband!  Also a Half-Orc Barbarian I had left over from a Nolzur's pack I bought.  Figured I finally get home done and put away.

The Gnolls join my Warband which now only has one model left...technically two but the second one may take a bit to get ready.  I want to do some fancy basing with it.  Now with these five done what else do I have...

One Skaven Jezzail!  Adding it to my WARCRY 3 BLOOD DRAGON! Skaven Warband.  I also have just a few more to add to that one as well.  Might even have something to show off sooner than later!

Well thats it for now, back to the painting war....


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