Friday 29 December 2023

Warbands Getting Finished Left and Right!

Hello once again all!

Been a long (Hot) summer and I feel great!  While I did spend a great deal of time outdoors I also managed to get a bunch of stuff painted!  Well not a "bunch" but a "decent amount" would be more accurate.  So lets see what I got done!

3 More Frostgrave Minis. With these done I finish the Sprue I had bought.  I'm quite happy with how they turned out.  I do need to expand and get a few more Sprues in that fact I do have another!  Oathmark!

One Oathmark Dwarf, One Bones Halfling Thief and one Dungeons and Doggos...well, doggo.  With these miniatures I have finally completed my Frostgrave Warband!

So I technically finished a project this year.  So go me!  But I also added two boo.  Of course by that I mean I decided to dip my toes into 40k.  So lets take a look at some of my test minis.

For Warhammer 40k 10th edition  I decided to give Deathwatch a go.  While I have most of the rest of the squad partially painted this guy is the test model I managed to get done.  Overall I'm happy with how he came out and will hopefully get the rest of the units I have done in the new year.  Speaking of getting units done, I also took a stab at some older minis...

I got into some Oldhammer back during the summer and bought a bunch of cheap Space Marines to make a 3rd edition Blood Angels force.  It is mostly sitting in a carrying case but I got these models done as a test on how to paint red.  Very happy with the results (although the Dreadnought came out much lighter then I intended).

Next up!  Another project I finished!

The Leader of my Gnoll Warband is done!  Here's the whole Warband completed.  Now, with that being said I do have 5 more models I intended to add to it, hopefully in the new year.  But this is what the initial project called to have complete...and it is complete!  Go me!

And now to show off projects that have been sitting half done for AGES now that I finally completed.


12 Pestigors and 10 Dark Elf Crossbowmen!  Both of these units were projects started a few years ago.  in fact by "A few years ago" I mean 2013!  So I finally sat down and got them done and ready and I'm very happy with them being completed.

So, after several months of silence, this is everything I have painted in that time.  In fact I started writing this blog post in August and never got around to finishing it until now.  With the New Year in sight I only have a bit of time to add to my overall miniature count.  So I'll wait and see if I have anything else to add.

Until then!

- Commodus

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