Friday 9 February 2024

2024! Lets get started.

Hello once again all!

I'm back once again.  The weather is cold and I got no place to go....which means painting!  So I started off this year with a few projects I want to finally get here it goes!

My General!  Commodus Leitdorf!  The Last Elector of Averland.  He's been technically painted this whole time, but he was always kind of flat. So I washed and highlighted him and am VERY happy with how he came out.  The yellow came out nice and bright and not patchy like many other models.

Now for something that has been half done for about 10 years now...

30 Empire Swordsmen!  Yeah these guys have been half painted since around 2013-2014.  Just never got around to finishing them up.  Now they are done! Now to just show them off with their detachments.

Finally glad to get this unit out of the way so I can get other things done....

6 Pistoliers!  Now mind you I had painted the unit champion last technically only 5 were painted...and even then it was mostly a refresh with washes and shading.  But it worked!  All done!

Now for one more....

One Grey Wizard!  This one has been sitting around almost as much as my Swordsmen.  But now he is done and ready for the battlefield!

So 37 models is a great way to start the year....going forward I may have other stuff in the works...

Stay tuned!

- Commodus

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