Tuesday 4 June 2024

February Schmebruary

Hello once again all!

So I had initially planned on posting this update back in February...heck I even started to with the title!  But I got distracted....mostly due to travel.  However in the proceeding months I managed to get a bunch of painting done.  So while I was quiet, I was not Idle!

So without further ado....

One Griffon Mech for Battletech!.  I actually have a small pile of Battletech minis I want to get done.  This one is my test scheme for the Crescent Hawks.  It came out okay mostly, I had an issue with the base coating from a white primer I was using to Zenithal the model with.  Probably wont use that spray bottle again, but I was able to strip it and start over.  Hopefully my next mech wont be as bad.

One piece of Warcry Terrain!  I had bought this as a separate sprue online almost 2 years ago and I figured I'd just get it done.  Painted entirely with craft paint and homemade wash.  Very happy with how it came out...even though I lost a piece and had to make one to replace it (Maybe you can tell which piece I lost!).

5 Oathmark Skeletons!  I most bought a sprue on a whim and decided I didn't want to add to my pile so I built and painted them right away.  They are good models but they are a little spindly so be careful when gluing them together!  But fun and easy to paint, do recommend!

So now next up...

One Dog of War Mercenary Cannon!  I've had this idea floating in my head for awhile as I have an unopened 7th edition starter set sitting in my hobby space.  While I have a Dwarf army technically....its specifically all metal so I have no room for these plastic Dwarfs.  So I decided to grab some spare models and kitbash a DoW cannon painted in my mercenary colours.  Overall fun to paint!

Go go along with that however....

Another Engineer!  Added once more to the pile.  I was honestly intimidated by this model.  I base coated it last year this time and its just bee sitting there, staring at me mockingly....but now he's done!  I do have one more Engineer I need to get done....maybe two (We shall see!).

And now for some fun...

RATS!  I decided to pound out a pile of Skaven.  6 Stormvermin, 3 Clanrats, a Gutter runner and a Plague Monk.  Just more to added to my Warhammer Skirmish team.

And lastly...

One Manticore for D&D!  I plan on adding this bad boy to my Gnoll Warband as a monster they control.  Also for generic D&D purposes he's on a larger base as he's an important villain for my campaign.  Overall I'm happy with him although I wish the skin was slightly better.

So 24 models painted in the last few months.  Added to my total I have managed 61 models for the year so far!  Happy with my progress and hope to get more done soon!

Until Next time!

- Commodus

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