Sunday 21 February 2016

Against the Ogre Horde!: Update 13

Hello Everyone!

Ironguts are done!  As well as their movement tray.  All that is left is to finish magnetizing the bases and putting on some purity sealer.  For now here's Ogres!

And here's the whole unit!

I had painted the other Ironguts about three years ago.  Three years in which I delayed buying the bits I needed until the last possible minute, when they were at their most expensive.  Procrastination is a bitch that way I guess.

Hey want to see a crappy picture of them?

As you can see this unit continues to use old OOP Metal Ogres to fill out the unit.  I had initially planned on using all the old Ogres to fill out a large unit of Golfag's Mercenary Ogres for a Dogs of War army.  Seeing as how getting the last bits I would need now doesn't really seem very probable, making a whole Ogre Army instead seemed like a great alternative!

Until I got to THIS

I'm making progress but UGGGG I dislike painting this.  Fortunately I only ever have to do this once.


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