Sunday 28 August 2016

**Summer Update** - The Darkest Dungeon - Completed!

Hey Everyone!

So I'm back with the final summer update! I've been busy mostly enjoying summer and now the warmth will slowly begin to leave I must prepare a new project.  I'll be getting back to that once I get back to more regular updates.  In the meantime lets take a look at my finished Dungeon Tiles:

I completed the above about 3 weeks ago but I never got around to posting them, mostly because I had started on the next group:

The other two boxes!  The original pledge I gave was for two of the core packages and two of the add-ons.  Now I didn't paint the piles of gold or the barrels that came as extras because I want to put together a bunch of dungeon terrain to go with them.  That may be another side project to my main one, but for now lets take a look at a completed dungeon!

This is me trying to recreate one of the dungeons from HEROQUEST! using my Dungeon Tiles (I expanded it a little with my own take on the Dungeon.  Apparently there is a way to make the entire board using Dungeon tiles (Do I dare buy more?  We shall See!).

And here above we see a (poor) picture of  an expanded dungeon using my minis.  I REALLY need to get some dungeon terrain....

Anyway, that's all for now.  Hope to be back with regular updates soon.


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