Saturday 1 October 2016

Project Battlefield: The Forests of the Averholme

Hello again all!

So I'm back with an update on my Terrain project.  Despite my sickness over the weekend I managed to finish up the last two trees on my painting table.  I also managed to get them magnetized to the base to help prevent the trees from falling all over the place....mind you it can still happen with a significant bump, but I still call it a rousing success!

So here it is in all it's glory:

They came out far better then I had expected and I'm happy enough with the results I might just get another set.  Mind you that will only be after I finish up all the other stuff I have lying around.

So now for my next work in progress!

It's all put together and ready for a base coat.  I will probably keep the paint job simple like with what I did to the Dreadfire Portal.  I'm on a roll now!  Hopefully I can even get it done by next week.


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