Friday 28 October 2016

Project Battlefield: Phase 1 Complete

Hello Everyone!

It is done!  The three terrain pieces I wanted off my paint table are finally done.  Here's the last of them:

The Eternity stair is complete!  That`s the last of the full GW kits I had lying around waiting to get painted.  So here are all three kits I finished in all their glory:

Sorry for the quality of the photo...I honestly need to make a proper picture taking station.  I have really bad lighting in my apartment.

Now I'm calling this portion of my Terrain project done for now.  I have a few extra bits from kits that I bought off Ebay.  Mostly stuff from the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and a few pieces from a Garden of Morr kit.  I have a bunch of ideas I want to get to work on but I also want to clear off my paint table.  So without further ado...

Prince Apophas for my AoS Project "The Breaking of the Averholme."   Now that I have my Characters out of the way I must focus on troops, but I got to clear my paint table first!

Wish me luck,


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