Friday 14 April 2017

Road to ChaosLudik: Oh God! Still so much to paint...

Hey everybody!

Wow...okay, I don't have a lot of time left and I still have a few big minis I have to finish painting. Due to scheduling I basically lost this whole week and haven't really been able to paint beyond basic base-coating. I did finish SOME stuff and am preparing the last minis I need to get done.

So here we go!

One Gorger and the Ironblaster!  Honestly?  Not my best work I'll admit,  the Ironblaster was kind of rushed but still good enough for the tournament.  If I have time I will touch these up.

I'm on to the home stretch, the last three minis I need have arrived. I stripped the paint off, re-pinned and green stuffed all the gaps.  I got them basecoated in black and am ready to get a move on and finish them up.

Wish me luck!


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