Thursday 6 April 2017

Road to ChaosLudik: Battleline Complete!

Hey Everyone!

So I managed to complete the last three Ogres I need to fill out my army.  So here they are in all their glory:

Man my picture box is awful, but at least you can clearly see everything.  They came out okay although the one on the end with the Orange pants suffers from a case of "I did not properly strip this guy before I re-based/painted him.

The important part is they are done!  I got my three main units completed and now I have to round out the army with the Heroes and Auxiliary bits.  So I have a Tyrant, an Ironblaster and a Gorger in the pipeline and I ordered the Butcher and last Gorger as well.  I hope I get them soon as I planned on having this army done by the end of the week...although thats not looking like it'll happen...

Hopefully I can pound out the last few models by the end of the's hoping!

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