Monday 27 March 2017

Road to ChaosLudik: Oh shit! The Tournament is 1500pts now?

Hey everybody,

Sooo I really should have checked the updated tournament information.  Seems the point limit for the Age of Sigmar tournament has been raised from 1250 to 1500! a bit annoying to say the least.  I am so close to finishing the army before the end of the month and now I have to add another 250 points to it to be able to fight on an even scale.

Oh well...

Fortunately, adding another 250 points is actually rather easy in the case of my army.  I'm going to have to buy a Butcher and two Gorgers to round out the list.  This has the added benefit of also not leaving any unspent points.

Ogors x 6
Ogors x 6
Ironguts x 6
Gorgers x 2

So three more models to paint...time to hit-up Ebay!  In the meantime lets take a look at how to paint these bad boys quick and easy:

As with my last post we start with a black base coat, I use Army Painter brand in this instance.  The Ogre skin is then painted with the base colour, in this case Tallarn Flesh (GW), Khardic Flesh (P3) and lastly Tanned Flesh (Old GW).

The second step is to basecoat everything else on the mini with the colours we will then be washing. In this case I mixed it up a bit, starting on the left I painted the pants Orkhide Shade (GW).  The middle Ogre Mordian Blue (GW) and the last Ogre I painted Necron Abyss (GW).

On all the Ogres I painted the metal bits Boltgun Metal (Old GW) the cloth wrappings and teeth Khemri Brown (GW) and the Leather belts Battlefield Brown (P3).

(Please ignore my finger!) I then painted on a healthy wash on all three.  The Ogres on either end had their skin, pants and various things I glued to them on the back which you can't see Agrax Earthshaded (GW).  The Ogre in the middle had his skin washed in Seraphim Sepia (GW) and his pants in Earthshade as well.  All of them had their metal bits washed in Armour Wash (P3).  Once done just let them dry out and get ready for the last highlight.

Okay!  Starting with the Ogre on the left, highlight the skin with Tallarn flesh (GW), followed by a light drybrush of Dwarf Flesh (Old GW).  For the middle Ogre highlight the skin with Khardic flesh (P3) followed by the lightest of light drybrush of Dwarf Flesh (Old GW).  Lastly, the Ogre on the right highlight the skin with Tanned Flesh (Old GW) followed by a light drybrush of Khardic Flesh (P3).

As for the rest of the Ogres, drybrush Chainmail (Old GW) on all the exposed metal including the blade of the weapons.  You want to make sure the darker metal/armour wash stay in the recesses of the metal bits.  The cloth wrapping and teeth/finger nails you want to paint lightly with an off white. In this case I used Menoth White base (P3) however Ushabti Bone (GW) works as well.  I also used it to paint the stitching on the butt of the Ogres pants (not pictured)

As for the pants I painted the left ogre with Catachan Green (Old GW).  I highlighted the pants on the middle ogre with a Dark Blue (Vallejo) and I painted the pants on the last Ogre with Lich Purple (Old GW).

The rest of the bits and bobbles on the minis got painted in a bunch of different ways, I'll leave that all up to you to figure out but the end result is this:

So there we go, three Ogres with three different skin tones to help bring individuality yo your unit.  Next up, three more Ogres and a frantic hitting up of Ebay to get the last minis I need.

Wish me luck!


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