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Battle Report: Gunrock Clan Vs The Mountain Eaters - Age of Sigmar

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Back again and this time it's for another battle report featuring my Gutbuster Wartribe 'The Mountain Eaters" versus the children of Hashut "The Gunrock Clan".

Picking off after my last Battle report (that was freaking ages ago) the Mountain Eaters have moved into the the Aver plains, smashing and looting villages around the Averholme.  The local forces sent out to face them were pushed back brutally by the Ogors.  Before the Grand Army of the Averholme could meet them in battle they scampered back north with their loot.

The Gunrock Clan, the Chaos Dwarfs of the northern reaches had sent out a slaving party and hoped to intercept the Ogors before they could meet up with the main Wartribe.  With the prospect of loot and slaves Ammrik Gunrock, Sorceror of the clan, took command of the warband to defeat the Ogor tribe before they could escape.

Table Setup

I rolled up terrain for the table getting 6 pieces and setting them up as per the rules.  Next up ws to set the terrain rules.

As I have no fancy tokens to designate terrain I just wrote down what I rolled on paper for easy reference.

Finally with the Terrain setup I rolled for a battle plan.  This time it looks like we will be playing Border War!  There will be 4 Objectives on the table  One in each deployment zone and two across from each other in the center zone.  At the end of each turn you capture the Objective if you have more models then you opponent within 6".  The one in your zone is worth 1, the ones in the center are worth 2 and the one in the enemy deployment zone is worth 4.

With the battle field setup and the scenario rolled for it's time to take a look at the forces ready to do battle.  We decided to roll for both Command traits and Artifacts to make things interesting.

The Mountain Eaters - 1000 points

- Club, Basher or Slicer, Ogor Pistols
- Battle Trait - Rampaging Destroyer
- Command Trait - Nothing Left Standing
- Artifact - Battered Talisman

Ogors x 6
- Ironfists
- Bellower and Tribal Banner

Ironguts x 6
- Bellower and Runemaw



The Gunrock Clan - 1000 points

- Pyre Rune Staff
- Battle Trait - Unpredictable Destruction
- Command Trait - Great Destroyer

Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer
- Artifact - Favour of the Gods

Infernal Guard Ironsworn x 20
- Deathmask, Icon Bearer, Drummer

Infernal Guard Fireglaves x 10

Deathquake Mortar

Chaos Gargant

Chaos Gargant

*a note: While the above list is running the Legion of Azgorh allegiance meaning it's technically over the allies limit with the 2 Gargants, we just said "screw it" and rolled with it.  It's been a long time since I've taken my Chaos Dwarfs out of storage and I wanted to use them and this is all I had painted sooo who cares!



The Gunrock clan won the roll to choose a side but the Gutbusters finished deploying first and took first turn.

Turn 1 - The Mountain Eaters

Before the first turn the Tyrant rolled for his Big Name and got Deatheater.  So the Tyrant will have +1 wound.

Hero Phase

The Ironblaster was within 3" of the Mystical hill and, of course, rolled a 1 and would be befuddled this turn.

The Tyrant used his command ability "Bully in the first Degree" on the Ironguts. They took 2 wounds but would be immune to Battleshock for the rest of the battle.  Lastly the Tyrant used his Battle Trait "Rampaging Destroyers on the Ironguts but failed.

Movement Phase
All the Ogor units ran forward and got within 6" of the Objectives in the Middle half of the table.  The Gorger appeared next to the Ogors on the right to assist them in taking down the Gargants.

With no shooting due to a befuddled Ironblaster and the Tyrant out of range with his pistols there was no shooting this turn.  Both units were out of range to charge as well leading to the end of the first Battle round.

The Mountain Eaters had their befuddled Ironblaster sitting on their own side objective while the Ogors and Tyrant were in range to grab the two middle Objectives.

Mountaineaters: 5                                  Gunrock Clan: 0

Turn 1 - Gunrock Clan

Hero Phase
Both the Fireglaives and the Dreadquake Mortar passed their befuddled test due to being too close to the mystical terrain, the Gargant was just out of range and was safe.

The Daemonsmith general used his Battle Trait on the Ironsworn Guard out on the flank but failed on a 3.  He then used his Inspiring presence on them as well as successfully cast Mystic Shield.  Giving the Ironsworn a much needed armour boost if they were going to tangle with the Ironguts!

Movement Phase
The Giants on the flank both ran up to get closer to the objective. While the Fireglaives walked up to keep the Objectve behind them and to stay out of charge range of the Ogors.

Meanwhile the mortar moved a few inches away from the Mystical terrain to make sure they do not get befuddled like the Ironblaster did.

The Ironsworn Guard and BSB on the opposite flank also moved forward to get in range to charge the Tyrant.  Meanwhile the Daemonsmith ran into Arcane terrain to get the +1 benefit next hero phase.

Shoot Phase
With the fireglaives just out of range of the Ogors the Dreadquake Mortar fired on the Tyrant and hit causing 3 wounds.

Charge Phase
The Ironsworn attempted to Charge in and finish off the Tyrant but fail their charge on a roll of a 4.

With no combat the Gunrock Clans first turn ends.  After measuring it seems the Ogors have more models closer to the middle objectives and keep them away from the Dawi-Zharr this turn.  Meaning they only capture their own zone objective for now.

Mountain Eaters: 5                                 Gunrock Clan: 1

The roll off for Turn 2 is won by the Mountain Eaters.

Turn 2 - Mountain Eaters

Hero Phase
The Tyrant used his Rampaging Destroyer Battle trait on the Ironguts which went off on a 6, causing them to bound forward 6" to get in the face of the Ironsworn Guard.

Meanwhile the Ironblaster passed it's Mystical terrain test and would be ensorcelled this turn.

Movement Phase
On the opposite end of the battlefield the Gorger ran to get in the way of the Giant coming around the other side of the building, while the Ogor walked up to get more models on the Objective.  Meanwhile the Ironblaster walked up to get in range with it's cannon.

The Tyrant and the Ironguts both moved up even closer to the Ironsworn although the Tyrant stayed in range of the Objective.

Shoot Phase
The Tyrant picked up his pistols and fired on the Daemonsmith in the tower but missed with both shots.  Meanwhile the Ironblaster targeted the closest Gargant but failed to hit on a 1.

Charge Phase
The Gorger failed to charge the Gargant on the left side while the Ogors roll 10" and managed to charge the other Gargant and completely surround him!

Meanwhile the Ironguts and the Tyrant both manage to charge the Ironsworn.

Combat Phase
In the Combat phase the Ironguts elected to go first and laid into the Dawi-Zharr causing 10 hits followed up by 10 wounds!

Even with Mystic shield protecting them the Ironsworn failed half their armour saves.  With Ironguts causing 3 wounds a piece 15 Ironsworn Guard fell to the Ironguts.  However the Ironsworn carried their spiteshields and saved 4 of their 5 saves on a 6 causing 4 mortal wounds back killing an Irongut.

Next up the Gunrock Clan elected for the Gargant to go next.  He caused 5 wounds on the Ogors who managed to save 1 on a roll of 6, causing a mortal wound back to the Gargant due to their ironfists.  The Gargants other attacks all failed although he did manage to kill one Ogor.

The Tyrant decide to step up and try to finish off the Ironsworn.  Swinging with his club and slasher he caused 5 wounds of which only 1 was saved.  Of the unit of 20 only the Deathmask remained.

The Infernal Castellan was within range and pilled into the Ironguts but failed to cause any wounds on the Ogors.

The Ogors went next and laid into the Gargant.  When the dust settled the Gargant took 8 more wounds greatly reducing it's combat ability.

Lastly the Deathmask of the Ironsworn attacked the Ironguts causing 1 more wound.  Unfortunetly, it was not enough to drop another Irongut.

Battleshock Phase
With both the Ironguts and the Ironsworn immune to battleshock only the Ogors facing the Gargant had to test this turn which they easily passed.

With the Gunrock clans line held back the Mountain Eaters still had more models closer to the objectives and held them once again this round, scoring another 5 points.

Mountain Eaters: 10                                           Gunrock Clan: 1

Turn 2 - Gunrock Clan

Hero Phase
Very behind in points, The Daemonsmith looked to try and salvage this battle.  He used his Battle trait "Unpredictable Destruction" on the Fireglaives and succeeded on a 6.  He then also placed Inspiring presence on them as well.  Especially since it did not look like the Ironsworn Guard were long for this world in the face of the Irongut onslaught.

The Daemonsmith cast Arcane Bolt on the Ogors engaged with the Gargant and succeeded, but only caused 1 wound.

Lastly the Castellan BSB planted his Black Banner of Malice to re-roll 1's to hit in a last ditch effort to hold the flank.

Movement Phase
The Fireglaives move closer to the Ogors while the Dreadquake Mortar moved up to get just within 6" of the objective.  Meanwhile the second Gargant on the left flank moved just outside 3" of the Gorger.  The Daemonsmith ran down from the top floor of the broken tower to get closer to the Fireglaives but still keep the +1 from the Arcane ruins.

Shooting Phase
The Fireglaives unload their guns on the Ogors but mange to cause only 1 wound.  While the Mortar, lobbed a shot at the Ironguts and hitting them, but only managing to roll 2 wounds.  However it was enough to drop another Irongut.

Charge Phase
The Giant on the left flank charged the Gorger, while the Fireglaives made a long charge into the Ogors in an attempt to help the Gargant barely holding on with 3 wounds.

Combat Phase
Seeing as he only had 3 wounds left, the Gunrock Clan elected to have the wounded Gargant go first to try and finish off a few Ogors.  Unfortuntly he only managed to cause 1 wound with all his attacks, which was promptly saved on a 6 causing a mortal wound to the Giant instead due to the Ogors ironfists.

The Ogors, fearing losing control of the objective due to the mass of Fireglaives that had joined the battle, directed all the attacks they could into the Dawi-Zharr and...

...wiped them out to a man.

The one Ogor out of range of the Fireglaives attacked the Gargant but failed to cause any wounds on him.

The second, unscathed Gargant elected to go next and easily 'Eadbutted the Gorger to death.

The Mountain Eaters had the Tyrant go next and he attacked the Castellan causing 3 wounds, one of which was saved leaving the BSB with only 1 wound left.  The Castellan then decided to go next in a desperate attempt to kill the Tyrant.  But only managed to get one hit through causing 2 wounds on the Tyrant.  He was hurt but not out yet!

The Ironguts got to go next.  Two of the Ironguts attacked the Deathmask while the other two attacked the Castellan.  Sadly, the Castellan was no more as the bellower of the unit crushed his skull with his club.  The Deathmask proved to be the hero the Dawi-Zharr needed as they only managed 2 wounds on him both of which were saved! (Sadly only on a 5, so no wounds back due to the spiteshield).

Only the Deathmask remained but he failed to wound the Ironguts.

Battleshock Phase
No battleshock this turn.

Mountain Eaters: 10                                            Gunrock Clan: 2

It didn't go well for the Gunrock Clan.  They were not able to get enough models in range of the Objective and the Mountain Eaters still held them for another turn.  This roll for turn would be critical as the Gunrocks needed to pull some objectives away from the Mountain Eaters or risk losing the whole battle!

Fate was on the side of the Dawi-Zharr and they would get a double turn!

Turn 3 - Gunrock Clan

Hero Phase
The Daemonsmith used his Battle Trait on the Dreadquake Mortar and succeeded on 5 due to his Command trait "Great Destroyer".  He then cast Arcane Bolt on the Ogors and succeeded causing 3 wounds and killing an Ogor.

Movement Phase
The Daemonsmith then ran as fast as he could to his warmachine getting to within 3" of it so he could potentially whip the Slave Ogor on it in the shooting phase.

Meanwhile the Deathmask retreated away from the Ironguts hoping to tempt the Ironguts into pursuing him and leaving their deployment zone objective alone.  Meanwhile the still unhurt Gargant moved up to within 3" of the Ogors.

Shooting Phase
The Daemonsmith proceeded to whip the Slave Ogor and rolled a 6!  The Dreadquake Mortar will be able to shoot 2 shots this turn.  The mortar set it's sights on the Ironguts and managed to hit and wound with both shots causing 7 wounds!

Charge Phase
The Gargant barely charged the Ogors with the roll of a 4.

Combat Phase
Once again, seeing as his end was nigh, the wounded Gargant went first and attacked the Ogors and managed to cause 4 wounds.  However the Ogors saved one on a 6 causing a mortal wound back leaving the Gargant with only 1 wound.

The Ogors attacked the wounded Gargant but completely failed to cause any wounds!  Meanwhile the Ogor Crusher attacked the other Gargant and managed to put 2 wounds on it.

Finally the second Gargant, angry that he will not get his 3d6 attacks due to the wounds put on him did manage 10 hits on 2d6 and 5 wounds.  Followed up by both his 'Eadbut and Mighty Kick attack each rolling maximum wounds and wiping out the unit!

Battleshock Phase
No Battleshock this turn

The Gunrock Clan finally started to flex it's muscle and finally hit the rampaging Gutbusters back hard.  However they only managed to take back one objective and it may not be enough in the end.

Mountain Eaters: 10                                             Gunrock Clan: 5

Turn 3 - Mountain Eaters

Hero Phase
The Tyrant used his Rampaging Destroyers on the remaining Ironguts which succeeded on a 5.

Movement Phase
The Tyrant, Ironguts move towards the Daemonsmith while the Ironblaster moves towards the Gargants hoping to finish them off.

Shooting Phase
The Tyrant whipped out his pistols and tried to finish off the last Ironsworn hiding in the corner but failed to hit.  Meanwhile the Ironblaster fired its cannon at the wounded Giant and finally managed to kill it causing a grand total of 1 wound.

Charge Phase
The Ironguts charge 9" into the Daemonsmith but have enough distance to wrap around and pull the Mortar into combat as well.  Meanwhile the Ironblaster failed it's charge on the remaining Gargant.

Combat Phase
Being the only Gutbuster unit in combat (Damn dice!) the Ironguts go first and through all their attacks into the Daemonsmith, but only cause 2 wounds.  Which he managed to save!

The Daemonsmith and the Mortar attack back but both fail to cause any wounds on the Ironguts.

Mountain Eaters: 13                                            Gunrock Clan: 5

With no loss of models this turn there was no Battleshock phase however the Mountain Eaters still had a commanding lead in points.  Luckily for the Gunrock Clan the Ogor did not outnumber the models sitting on their deployment zone objective.  Meaning the Dawi-Zharr still held their home objective and denied the Mountain Eaters 4 more points.  The roll off for turn 4 could decide how the game ends.

And once again the Gunrock Clan comes out ahead!

Turn 4 - Gunrock Clan

Hero Phase
The Daemonsmith tries to use Rampaging Destroyers on the Mortar again but failed.  he then managed to cast Arcane Bolt on the Ironguts causing 2 more wounds

Movement Phase
The Giant moved up as close as it could to the Ironblaster to, hopefully, destroy it next combat phase.

Meanwhile the Deathmask, looking to be a hero ran past the Tyrant toward the Middle objective managing to roll a 6 on his run check.

Shooting Phase
The Daemonsmith failed to lash the Slave Ogor manning the Mortar, most probably due to the fact he was locked in combat with his large, not enslaved brother.

The Mortar range meant it was not able to fire on either the remaining Irongut or the Tyrant as they were too close.  So it fired on the Ironblaster, striking it for 4 wounds.

Charge Phase
The Giant Charged into the Ironblaster with ease.

Combat Phase
Facing down two man eating Ogors the Daemonsmith was chosen to go first.  He managed to crack the bellower in the head with his Pyre Rune staff.  He then proceeded to fail his armour save and suffer 3 wounds dropping him and leaving the last Irongut with 2 wounds.

Fearing the damage potential of the Gargant the Ironblaster went next but only managed 1 wound for his efforts.

The Dreadquake Mortar was selected to go next but both wounds the crew managed to strike were saved by the armour of the last Irongut.

Finally the Rune Maw bearing Ogor crushed the Daemonsmith with his club, finishing him off once and for all.

Lastly the Gargants Massive Club caused 3 more wounds on the Ironblaster before finally being utterly destroyed by a single Mighty Kick from the Gargant.

As the Ironguts were still under the effects of "Bully in the First Degree" there was no battleshock this round.

At the end of the Gunrock Clans 4th turn the field was looking sparse of minis.  The Ironguts still did not outnumber the Dawi-Zharr so the Gunrocks held on to their deployment  objective.  Meanwhile the lone Deathmask got to JUST within 6" of the right objective, taking it from the Mountain Eaters while the Gargant held the rest of the field/

Mountain Eaters: 13                                             Gunrock Clan: 10

Turn 4 - Mountain Eaters

Hero Phase
The Tyrant used his Rampaging Destroyer on himeslef but failed the roll

Movement Phase
The Tyrant marched up to get into charge range of the Mortar.

Shooting Phase
The Tyrant pulled out his pistols and fired on the Deathmask and finally managed to put a bullet through him, finishing him off for good.

Charge Phase
The Tyrant managed to charge into the Mortar to aid the last Irongut in finishing off the Chaos Dwarf warmachine.

Combat Phase
The Tyrant elected to go first and struck the Mortar with his Clubs and Slashas causing 4 wounds.  The warmachine had 10 wounds and would be hard to shift.

The warmachine crew struck back but failed to land any hits.

Lastly the Irongut had his chance to finish off the Mortar but fail to cause any wounds.

Battleshock Phase
No Battleshock this phase.

The Tyrant failed to finish off the Mortar, but he did lend enough weight to take the home objective away from the Gunrock Clan

Mountain Eater: 18                                           Gunrock Clan: 10

With the final turn looming the winner would no doubt be whoever won the roll off...alas for the Gunrock Clan the turn went to the Gutbusters.

Turn 6 - Mounatin Eaters

The last turn of the game would be swift.  Under a hail of pistol shots and rusted weapons the Mortar fell beneath their blows.

With the Mortar unable to finish off either of the Gutbusters they held the Objective scoring another 5 points.

Turn 5 - Gunrock Clan

The last Gargant took the Gutbuster objective scoring a total of 8 points at the end of the turn, but it was just not enough to overcome the Mountain Eaters this time.

Major victory to the Gutbusters!

Final Score
Mountain Eaters: 23                                          Gunrock Clan: 18


The Daemonsmiths slaver force had been beaten back.  The Ogor Tyrant held the field and the last of the Dawi-Zhar that could walk limped back to their territory, with not a slave to show for it.  Meanwhile the Gutbusters grabbed their loot and headed back too their main camp.  Hoping to get ahead of any further force that could stop them from returning home with their loot.

Perhaps a clash between the main armies of the Mountain Eaters and the Averholme will be soon.  That however, will be a tale for another day.


Well that was closer then it should have been!  I have never played my Chaos Dwarfs in AoS so when I decided to use them against my opponent I really wasn't sure what to do with them.  So the fact that I got such a close defeat means that I can at least think on the fly.

The Gutbuster rampage continues across the Aver Plateau.  Who knows what will be up next for out Ogors.

Bye for now!


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