Friday 31 August 2018

Cleaning off the Paint Table: Long month but done!

Hello everyone!

Well, after a month of nothing I figured I'd finish up one of my pet projects I've been working on.  The weather has been great!  Which means I'm not inside hunched over my paint table.  Now it was rainy all weekend so I huddled up and finished some more terrain!

Keeping with my act of making cheap and easy terrain I gathered the above supplies.  Paper towels, wooden Bar-B-Q skewers and coffee stirs.  An old CD, Polystyrene, water and glue.

Using white glue and the paper towels I soaked them in water, covered them in white glue and rolled them around my wooden skewer.  I then built the base on the CD using the Polystyrene and a glue gun.  I used the glue gun to put texture on the tree as well as making the "branches" out of coffee stirs.

After everything was dried I painted it up using basic dry brush techniques.  I then got some insulation foam and glued it to the branches, painted it green, and glued some flock all over it to create the giant you see before you!

I have one more piece I mean to finish up before I call my Summer of Terrain complete.

Bye for now!


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