Thursday 15 November 2018

Cleaning off the Paint Table: Back for a New round and new Army!

Hello all!

Well I'm back!  after a rather long hiatus where I barely put brush to paint I decided to sit down and force myself to get some painting done.  I figured something quick to just to ease into it again so I can get my groove on.

Three Giant rats for my D&D Campaign!  Now I had painted these up specifically for "The Sunless Citadel" as the adventurers will run into these buggers right at the beginning.  I have to paint a few more but I can add these to my Dungeon Encounter list!

Now to move on to something else.  Frankly I have been lazy and I really haven't been painting as much as I should.  So my goal is to pound out at least ONE model by the end of the week.

With that in mind I have just gotten this

Shadespire!  I'm already in the process of painting them up.  Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the week.

Stay tuned!


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