Saturday 19 January 2019


Hello Everyone!

Alright so a new year is upon us and I haven't really been painting anything in the last 3 that has got to change!

Figured I would get to work on something I hinted at last time.  So without further ado...

Garrek's Reavers!  The first 3 minis in the warband at least.  The last two are currently drying after a vigorous wash.  Meanwhile Steelhearts Champions are currently half built and waiting for a less humid day to get base coated.

I mean to get this box set done so I can move on to another mini project I've been planning for.

My local game store got a stock of Mantic's Terrain crates and I picked up one of the smaller sets.  In addition I have this Bones blacksmith that I figure I'll paint up to go with it too.  All of this if for a D&D campaign I'm currently working on and figured I could use some more townspeople for it.

That's it for my first update of the New Year, until later!


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