Tuesday, 9 April 2019

April Showers Bring excuses to Stay in and Paint!

Hello Everyone!

Well after a slow week on my previous post I had the chance to up the minis I completed this time.  I managed to finish them for a mini campaign I had created for some friends.  As that is now over I can get back to my regularly scheduled painting.

So lets look at what I finished this weekend.

I finished 5 of my Bones Zombies and a Dire Wolf from the Nolzur D&D range.  My recent campaigns have had quite a few undead in it so I've had to bang out a bunch of them.  They came out great and I'm happy with the result.  As for the Dire Wolf I gihlighted the black using P3 Charcoal Black.  I got to say I really do like it as a Black highlight as opposed to my normal technique of a dark Grey highlight.

So with that done and D&D month behind me I want to mix it up a bit and get something else done.  I bought several Stormcast minis to help round out my force.  I'm still waiting for them to arrive in the mail but I have a few I would like to start on to help finish them off.

I have 2 Retributors that I need to put together and base in preparation for the others I have coming in the mail.

Wish me luck all!


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