Friday 19 April 2019

April Showers...Actually Snow, April Snow

Hello once more all!

Well I'm back and I'm still painting.  Now I, once again, didn't get as much done as I would of liked over the weekend as I was kinda sick...but!  I did finish off a few things on my desk, so lets show them off.

So here we are, 3 more Kobolds, a Cleric model for my D&D campaign and one Retributor.  I'm really happy with how everything they came out. I mean the kobolds were just the standard paint scheme I've been using for awhile now.  The Retributor also came out good, now to get the other 7 I have on my desk painted!

As for the Cleric that's mini number 2 for my D&D campaign.  Now I just have 2 more of those to paint as well!

Anyway with that all said, lets see what else is on my desk

Okay, well one of these minis is just a base because he is mid paint job!  But here we have a what i'm working on at the moment.  Hoepfully it'll all be done this weekend (Hooray Easter Weekend!)

Until later!


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