Thursday 4 April 2019

D&D Month: March End, What Did I Get Done?

Hello all!

So March is over and...well...I didn't manage to paint much this week.  Life/work has a habit of getting in the way.  However I did manage to beat my record for last month when it comes to models painted.

In total I managed to paint 25 models in March, 3 more then last month.  This takes my total to 60 models painted!

With that said lets take a look at step by step of last mini I painted for this month.

I decided to try something different for this mini by trying to base it in red...I will soon regret this but it was a nice experiment before I try this technique out on Khorne minis.

Got the first basecoat on, sadly for this Bones miniature quite a bit of the detail is hard to get at.  I had to rely on washes to do most of the heavy lifting.

I washed the model in Army Painter Strong Tone.  At this point it was a matter of picking out the details which were hard to spot still.  Seems the Bones version of this mini lost a lot of the detail compared to the metal version (Which I will have to pick up sometime as a test).

Here we have the final product after even more washes and highlights to try to get every nook and cranny that still had red base coat popping out.  Overall I am happy with it but I'll have to practice more with red basecoats.

Well...what to do next...stay tuned!!


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