Saturday 6 July 2019

July is Here! What shall I paint...

Hello everyone!

Well June came and went and I didn't really paint all that much.  Once the weather starts getting nice, hanging out in my humid apartment isn't all that enjoyable.  I did manage to get some painting done over the course of the month as it did rain a few days.

So let us see what I finished off my paint table!

The last two miniatures i needed to paint for my mini D&D campaign.  A Tiefling Rogue (Which is being used as a Tiefling Ranger)  and a Half-Orc Barbarian.  I do like these Nolzur mini's but I do have 2 criticisms of them.

1.  They have terrible mold lines
2.  They have a lot of tiny detail

The two problems sort of compound each other.  The mold lines cover the detail and removing them could damage the detail.  They are difficult to deal with but, overall, for 6 dollar miniatures I can't really complain too much.

With that said and done my adventuring party went from this

To this!

So with these done, and not counting terrain, I only painted 3 minis all last month for a grand yearly total of 77 miniatures!  Not too shabby so far.

So with that said it's time to move on to other summer projects which are in various states of done right now.  I'll hopefully have an update on that soon.  For now lets see what I have on my desk right now.

This right here is the third model I ever bought/painted.  He's been my Empire army wizard since I started gaming back in 2004.  I would say I did an okay job with him but through the years he has become chipped and damaged.  I figured, as I use his mounted version in AoS, I'd strip him and repaint him for AoS as well.

We'll see when I can get around to doing that!


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