Monday 22 July 2019

July! Doing more Terrain!

Hello Everyone!

So I'm back and ready to talk about what I've been working on!  So it's been, really hot.  So I've been both outside and unable to base coat anything new due to real...and I mean REAL bad humidity!  So I had some other stuff sitting around that I was able to finish.

So without further ado!

So scratch built house is done.  for a first attempt at something like this (okay...maybe second attempt).  I like how it came out.  I feel I need to work on stonework as I clearly did not manage to get it to "pop" as much as I would of liked.  But I'm still very happy with the results.  Now I do need to test it on Polystyrene next.

Now for something slightly more...expensive.

One Ophidian Archway!  I bought this about a month ago and I figured I had better at least try to paint what I buy asap so I don't continue to add to the pile.  So one archway done!  I have a bunch of other terrain piling up that I want to get through that I will probably work on next.

Stay tuned!


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