Thursday 12 September 2019

September! Get ready to Naruto run to Victory

Hello Everyone!

Well its been one month (almost) since my last update and I gotta say...I have painted exactly ZERO models!

So my current mini count stays the same for now.  I have been mostly pre-occupied with journeying through Azeroth in Classic WoW.  So my actual hobby time is taken up running from Centaurs in the Barrens.

I did however manage to get at least one thing done in the last 30 days so I guess I'll show that off.

Completed bases for my Stormcast!  So I finally have a 1000pt list for my Stormcast as well as 99% of the minis I need to complete it.  I am just missing one character model, but he can wait.  My main goal right now to to complete building what I have, base it and get ready to play!

So, small update today.  More in the future!

Until then!


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