Friday 18 October 2019

October! I'm Painting! Seriously!

Hello Everyone!

So I'm back with another update.  I probably should have done it sooner but I have been inordinately busy and haven't had much of a chance...until now!

So the new Free Cities book is out and I WILL be making an army, but before I do I want to be sure I have my proper groove on.  So lets take a look at some more minis I painted recently to get back in the swing of things!

Three PC's for my most recent D&D campaign and a Reaper Bones Griffon!  I am really happy with how the griffon came out.  I was able to practice some wash and drybrush techniques on him.  The Character minis I'm less fond of.

I certainly like the Nolzur D&D mini line.  However they are 28mm but not Heroic, so the features are more proportional and smaller.  I'm not so good a painter that I can pick them off without messing up the whole model.  The face on the sorcerer is hard to see and the same with the Tiefling.

I mean both are fine when playing in a dimly lit room playing D&D.  Bah!  I will just have to practice more.

So next up!  Cities of Sigmar!


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