Monday 4 November 2019

October! Painting rather much so that it's November

Hello all!

So I'm back with more painting to show off.  I managed to start some other stuff sitting on my desk but only managed to finish one project.  So without further ado...

To start we have my test model for my Cities of Sigmar army.  I decided I wanted a different colour scheme to make my own city...The AVERHOLME!  While yellow and black, my Averland colours are what is used by the Greywater Fastness (The City I intend to use), I wanted to mix up the colour a bit as I've been painting yellow and black since I started the hobby.

and since we are talking Yellow and Black...

I finally finished painting the crew of my Volley gun for my 8th edition/9th age army.  I don't have a dedicated Volley gun for the Averholme yet...but it will be coming in due time!

So with all the models I painted last month I can add 8 more to my total of 93!  I'm almost at 100 with still 2 months to go.  I should be able to break 100...maybe even 120!  We shall see how this month goes.

For now, lets look at my WIP

4 more Greatswords and several Orcs I have waiting on the side to complete.  Until next update!


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