Tuesday 28 January 2020

2020! Let the Hobbying Continue!

Hello all!

I'm back! After a nice weekend of "there's too much snow outside, lets stay in and paint!"  So I managed to prime a bunch of stuff I intend to get done this week.  While we wait however I thought I'd share another mini I've been working on.

Renard de Chatillons! and his Squire, Humphrey.  Now while these minis are for the now defunct Bretonnians I really wanted to paint them up.  I had gotten them to make a Mordheim Warband years ago.  Now getting even old metal brets off Ebay is getting...expensive.

So now I can just use him as a Noble Champion!  Along with his squire he gets for free.  The old Bretonnian Warscroll for a foot knight was much better then the one that exist in the Age of Sigmar app right now.  So he can have an extra dude tag along with him.

Well with that done lets show off what I have in the pipeline

Some old 5th and 6th Edition Dark Elves that I want to put paint to brush for a little....fun on the side.  You'll get a much better look once I'm done!

Until then!


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