Tuesday 14 January 2020

2020! Time to get down to the Hobby!

Hello Everyone!  and Happy New year!

Okay it is time to start off 2020 right!  Now I plan on clearing off a bunch of stuff on my desk that I didn't get to back in November.  So with that in mind lets take a look at the first mini of 2020!

Battlemage for my Cities of Sigmar army!

All in all I'm actually glad I repainted this guy from my Empire Army.  I don't really use magic in Warhammer Fantasy and he was just collecting dust anyway.  So here he is with a much improved colour scheme from my original.

So right now base coating is a bit of a challenge as the weather has been warm and humid.  So my next project may take awhile to get to.  But just so i can show what is coming down the pipe.

I finally have the last of the pieces I need to complete my GW plastic Citadel Fortress!  I have to file off a bit of flash and re-glue some of the pieces but hopefully I will have them all done and painted by the end of the month...if the weather gets better and I can basecoat.

In the mean time I'll put paint to brush on a few other things sitting on my desk.

One miniature down for 2020!


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