Saturday 1 February 2020

January's End...How Many Minis?

Hello all once again!

So the month is now over and it is time to tally up all that I have painted this month.  However, before that I thought I'd share one last model that I managed to complete before the end of the month!

My General's Adjutant!  Basically a Freeguild General that will accompany my regular foot general for fun and shenanigans.

So with him painted my monthly total for January 2020 is 5 models.  Not as much as last year, but it's a start!  I do plan on finishing atleast one project this year.  So far my list is

1000 points of Stormcast
1000 points of Cities of Sigmar
2000 points of Ogor Mawtribes (Of which 1200 point are already painted)
1000 point Repainted Empire army

So far that is what is on my plate...hopefully I will be able to get some movement on it.  For now...back to painting!


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