Monday 17 February 2020

Mid Feb RUSH!

Hello all!

Another week, another few minis to add to the pile of stuff I've finished!  So I didn't manage to get as many as I wanted done.  But I got had a chance to finish a unit I'd been meaning to complete for a year now.  So with that said...

Two Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch!  The last two I had to complete a unit i start last year at around this time.

Honestly?  the paint job on them is a bit rough.  I'm not all that good at edge highlighting but I figured I would use this project as my test case.  Mostly just a Tzeentch battalion for fun in AoS games.

With that said, next up!

Okay, now I know I said I would do these last month...but that got delayed.  Now?  They are on the list!  Hopefully I'll have a whole castle out soon!

Till next time!


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